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  • December 19th, 2010

    Drug Household Pass Product Test

    Drug Household Pass Product Test

    Drug Test is a procedure to determine if the person is a drug user. This is done by taking samples from the person’s body hair or body fluids like blood, urine, sweat or saliva and examining them for the presence of traces of drugs. A drug test is named after the sample that it uses. Therefore we have the urine test, hair test, saliva or the oral swab test, the blood test and sweat test / analysis. Drug tests have become a part of the professional and academic life in the United States. Therefore it is imperative to know how to pass one.

    The objective behind drug tests is to discourage people from using drugs. The fear of testing positive in a drug test is enough to deter many drug users. This is because a positive test can mean loss of job, of rented accommodation, of sporting achievements or suspension from school or college. However, sometimes people test positive even if they do not consume drugs. This happens due to the consumption of certain foods and medicines and this condition is called as a false positive. So irrespective of whether you use drugs or not, you need to know how to pass a drug test.

    There are also many drug household pass product test i.e. household methods to pass a drug test. These come in handy for passing the urine test – the most common drug test. The same approach is likely to work for a blood test as well. However a detox mouthwash is required for the oral drug test how to pass. And to pass the hair test a detox masking shampoo has to be used before the test. Household methods include drinking a lot of water and eating a balanced and healthy diet for some 7 to 15 days before the test. Exercising in the same duration will be an additional step. Exercise burns the drug residue storing fats. These broken residues are then flushed out by water through urine. Drinking cranberry juice also helps in detox and in removing the drug residues. It also aids in kidney function. Natural methods are free from the possible side effects associated with synthetic detoxifiers.

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