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  • October 7th, 2010

    Drug Piss Test

    What you need to know about a drug piss test

    A drug piss or urine test for substance abuse is commonplace requirement today considering the growing number of cases the world over. If you have been introduced to substances like over the counter drugs, marijuana, cocaine, heroin or even hemp seeds you need to detox before you enter that lab. To pass a drug piss or urine test for substance abuse you should know the alternatives you have.

    How to pass a drug piss or urine test for substance abuse

    There have been cases of people clearing one round of the testing and screening with the help of someone else’s urine sample. Then there have also been cases where people have opted for synthetic urine a fine example of human ingenuity freely available in plenty online. How to pass random drug tests is a question that plagues just about anyone facing the trial. Well for one you need to look at the substance that you have been indulging in, the various ways in which its traces can be found out and the duration of time for a successful detox depending upon the level and extent of abuse.

    In the case of hemp seeds drug test protocol you will need to consider passing a drug piss or urine test for substance abuse a second time if need be. Many a times this proves to be a murky situation since the sample of urine is further studied and scrutinized for remnants of hemp. To effectively pass drug test requirements it is essential to get into detox mode as soon as possible.

    Understanding implications and addressing detox

    The hemp seeds drug test will require you to give samples of either or all – blood, urine, saliva, hair and even DNA if traces are found. You can pass a drug piss or urine test for substance abuse and get away with the indulgence once but the second call, if any, will prove dangerous. Hence it is necessary to try and understand the implications and come clear as soon as possible. Nothing like telling the truth, but if is to cost you a second lease in life, attempt detox by flushing. Increased intake of liquids will help the body to throw away all the remnants or toxic waste and flush the substance out of the system.

    How to pass
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