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  • October 7th, 2010

    Drug Screening Test

    Drug testing has become quite common in work places these days. There are various ways by which you can pass a drug test even if you are addicted to drugs badly. However it is necessary to know that drug testing and Drug screening test are very much different from each other.

    There are ways to “fake” a drug test. Many people know how to make their results negative by faking a test. In such cases, drug testing is of no use. There are few things one must keep in mind when you are talking in the context of Drug Screening test, the most important being Drug Screening test is different from drug test. The drug screening test refers to a rapid diagnostic test. This test gives proper result whether drugs are present r absent ion the body of the patient. The drug screening test can also identify the presence of nicotine, caffeine and all other types of drugs commonly consumed. For these tests Immunoassays are used. It usually works on antigen-antibody interaction principle. The results can, however, be false-negative or false-positive if these techniques fall into the hands of non-professionals. Another tool used for drug screening test is the Chromatography. This method is entirely based on the judgment placed by the technician. These help in determining the concentrations of drugs in the body. Though it is accepted that these tools are highly efficient in testing drugs, still there remains some chances of getting false results.

    Sensitivity is a method of drug test. Sensitivity generally points to the positive results of the drug screening test. It sets a track on the efficacy of the drug treatments depending on the functions performed by different organs of the body. Sensitivity determines on the fact whether the treatment for a specific drug should be continued, or stopped or requires a change.

    If sensitivity is the pointer to positive result then specificity is the pointer to a negative result. Each screening method has sensitivity, specificity, reproducibility and reliability for its results. The accuracy attained in the results shows both the chemical as well as pharmacological factors.

    Screening assays are less expensive and requires less labor. So, if you are aiming at simple and inexpensive methods of drug testing, then drug screening test is the most convenient option.

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