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  • October 7th, 2010

    Drug Test Detection Forums

    Drug Test Detection Forums

    Drug Test Detection Forums are the online community sites where people can post their experiences regarding drug use. This includes which drugs they use and are trying to quit. These forums also include information by people who have quit the habit. Also included in these forums are questions about drug use, drug tests and other related topics. All in all these forums are a good place for people to get informal advice.

    However, two precautions should always be remembered. One the advice comes from individuals most of whom are not medical professionals. Therefore, in spite of the best of their intentions the advice may not be technically correct and could lead to medical complications. This is also, in a large measure, due to the specific nature of their advice – what applies to them may not necessarily apply to others. Second most people who seek advice do not wish to permanently quit the habit. They are merely gain information to pass the drug test to avoid getting into trouble with their employer, probation or parole officer and with their parents.

    The most common question asked in these forums is: “how long will it take to quit the habit?” The answer is not a strictly defined one. Firstly the person seeking advice has to be reminded that if he is trying to hoodwink others only to pass the drug test and resume the habit later, he or she will never quit the habit. However, if he is serious then too the answer is a calibrated one. The time required depends on the intensity of addiction, height, weight, body fat, level of physical activity and other factors.
    The forums contain entries for the addiction / use of various drugs categorized under various heads. As for the tests there are four major types of tests. These are:

    Blood test determines amount of the drug in the blood stream at the time of the test.

    Urine test can only determine the type of drug present in the body. It is the most common type of test. This test can either be the standard or the advanced urine test.

    Saliva test is used to detect only those drugs consumed a few days before the test.

    Hair test is typically used to detect drugs consumed 90 days before the test.

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