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  • October 7th, 2010

    Flush Drug Test

    Flush drug test

    Flush drug test can come with a negative result if you try methodically. However, you need to understand certain things related to your body system to pass in a drug testing. It is always better to try natural ways to flush out the elements that holds the proof of doping. If you know the exact date of your drug test and you have a time of one month at least you can try the process described below.

    You have stop doping for the time being to flush out all the suspicious elements. It would be the best if you can stop smoking too for the time period. What you need to understand in the process is the body metabolism rate of your system. If you are a bit over weight perhaps your body metabolism rate is low and you need to increase that. To have a proper system the most important thing you can do is to maintain a proper sleeping habit. You need to sleep eight hours a day and that too is in night. This is the first cause that helps your body to continue with a healthy system.

    You need to drink water as much as you can. There is no substitute of it since you need to flush out all evidence of doping through your urine. Don’t try to replace water with coffee since it can be another cause to fail a drug test. You may have fruit juice and other liquid sometime but drinking water doesn’t have any replacement. Also, try to have low calorie and less oily and spicy food. If your body metabolism is lower than the normal rate you should start exercise. You need to burn calorie as much as you can. You can start a morning or evening walk in case you don’t feel fit enough to start light exercise.

    There are dotex tools available in the market that may help you to flush out the evidence of doping too but can be proof as harmful for your body system. It is better to not go for that. If you want to check out your status before the final test go for beating drug test for free. Drug testing should not be a matter to bother if you practice the above for one month.

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