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  • December 19th, 2010

    Hair Folicle Drug Testing

    Read more about hair folicle drug testing and how to beat thc drug test.

    Hair folicle drug testing is actually pretty simple and only requires strands of hair so that one can go with hair testing. It is best tool for parents who worried about their child’s behavior. Once you get hair strands, it is completely sealed and sends to the laboratory. Hair folicle drug testing is, safe and faster way of screening than any other sort of drug testing. If you look for an instance, hair folicle drug testing is able to detect drug presence for more than 90 days. Drug detection window period for hair testing is quite larger. If you compare it with other drug testing methods like saliva or urine drug testing). It is because drug metabolites get stored inside the hair. You can dilute drug traces caught inside the hair with detox or other cosmetic make up. However, you can not simply mask entire drugs presence from the scalp.

    With hair follicle testing, you can detect some major drugs like marijuana, methamphetamines, opiates, ecstasy and cocaine. Now even for marijuana detection, hair follicle testing is used. Or sometimes it is used as a confirmative testing after getting positive result in urine testing. Procedure of hair follicle testing is very simple. You just need to submit 1.5 inch hair strands. Usually, hair grows at the rate of 0.5 inch/ day. That means 1.5 inch long hair strand depicts drug history of last three months. You might think that to beat thc drug test with hair screening is quite difficult. Yes, because in hair drug testing you need to submit minimum 70-80 hair strands each with 1.5 inch long. If you fail to submit hair strands from the scalp, then hair from other body parts are also quite acceptable.

    One biggest advantage of hair drug testing is that, there is no chance for sample temperament. Other than this, hair folicle drug test is quite confidential and discrete. Many times hair testing is carried out to check out presence of second hand smoke. Hair testing drastically fails to detect presence of second hand smoke inside the body. Fact is, hair testing is only meant to detect drug metabolites present.

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