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  • February 16th, 2011

    Home Depot Drug Test

    How home depot drug test takes place?

    Home depot has 3 major kinds of drug tests such as pre employment, after incident and before incident. Home depot can make use of any of the drug testing method as there are four drug testing methods available today such as blood, urine, home and hair. All these drug tests detect the presence of different drugs in one’s system. Home depot sends you for your testing as other organizations do. They send you to doctors’ right after your interview. To be sure you’ll pass that drug test you can buy and use home drug test kits – similar to one used in Home Depot drug testing

    Drug testing is completed by an off-site third party company and takes 24 hours for processing. When candidate does not pass a drug test, they are prohibited from opting to Home depot for a year at least. A national third party organization with access for national files can complete criminal background check. Candidates can want to challenge the finding of the organization. Applicants, who have done aggressive crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes or theft, are generally not entitled for working at Home Depot. Criminal background check turn-around time is 3 days, even if it is usually completed within 2 days. For few positions like Returns Desk Associates as well as driving positions, motor vehicle checks are needed further to criminal background check.

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