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  • November 17th, 2010

    Home Remedies For Passing A Urine Drug Test

    Read about the home remedies for passing a urine drug test.

    Drug tests have become a terror for those applying for a job or willing to participate in a sports event. Failing a drug test will be the grounds of loosing the job opportunity or loosing the chance to participate in a sport. The aim of an average individual would be passing a drug test and not loosing the chance to move ahead in their lives. Drug tests are obligatory for the federal employees. There are a number of natural ways of passing a drug test. Read more to find out home remedies for passing a urine drug test.

    Drug testing can be conducted in several forms. Urinalysis is the most common method of determining whether and individual is under the influence of drugs or not. Urine drug tests are inexpensive and reliable methods of screening. But one can easily cheat a urine test. Tampering and substituting urine sample is no more a big deal. The authorities wont even come to know that you have replaced the your sample with the synthetic ones. These tactics involves a risk and it is better going for home remedies rather than spending money to buy the synthetic urine samples.

    The best method by far to pass a drug test is to quit using drugs. As no toxins will enter the system nothing will be detected in the samples and you pass a drug test. Overloading the kidneys by drinking lots of fluids in a short frame can help you a lot in detoxifying the system. Drink before drug test and you can eliminate the toxins faster. Drinking lots of water along with other fluids can help flushing the toxins from the system.

    Drinking will dilute the urine sample. Dilution can be masked by using vitamin B2 that will cover the watery urine yellow. Dilution will also lower the creatinine level that can be boosted after consuming protein rich red meat. Do not go on a diet prior to the test. Include more fibers, proteins and vegetables in your diet. Avoid fats. Drinking cranberry juice, teat or coffee will help you urinate more often and flush more toxins. Exercising and working out will increase the metabolism rate of the system and will help eliminate the drug metabolites.

    These home remedies are surely going to help you in providing a clean sample to the authorities and you pass the test!

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