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  • November 9th, 2010

    How To Cheat Urine Drug Test

    Read for smarter and safer way to cheat urine drug test.

    Do you think you can beat urine drug test? Yes you can. Read further to know how to cheat urine drug test. Now days most of the companies ask for drug test prior to joining. It is to check medical records as well to confirm that employee they are hiring in not drug addict one. But what if you do not wants to loose opportunity just because your urine drug test comes positive? One easier way is applying some smarter techniques to cheat the drug test.

    Drug users found cheating little bit complex as almost all the collection centers do there level best to keep away any fraud or cheating. Even laboratories are adapting new and advance strategy to beat the cheaters. However, keep one thing in mind that there is always some way for cheating. Can you fail a drug test for adderall? We are sure from next time you are able to pass the drug test very confidently. Here is the list of some effective cheating methods. All are quite simple and any body can perform same.

    1. Giving clean urine samples- When you consume drugs it readily affects on your urine samples and metabolic system. Even you can visually detect the same. Proteins get saturated and it comes through urine stream. To dilute these protein formations and other chemicals, one best method is having heavy exercise. With sweat all chemical gets out from the body. However, be sure you start exercising couple of months before actual test. Though you can not adopt this method every single time but it works quite few times.

    2. Another method is dilution. – Cheaters make some tricks to saturate fluids in which metabolites gets dilute. Like having red meat in heavy quantity prior to schedule drug screening date or having protein in excessive quantity. It is for having creatinine chemical level back to normal. Vitamin B2 or B 12 gives dark yellow or orange color to urine. So cheater likes to take Vitamin B2 orally for cheating purpose. There is also available option of taking herbal diluters. However, there is chance of getting caught in mass screening with this method. High fiber diet work some time to dilute chemicals and metabolites.

    3. Chemical consumption- This is the most popular method in cheaters. These chemicals help to mask drug traces from urine samples. One very frequently taken drug is Aspirin. Though now aspirin is also legally banned, you can get drugs which work same like aspirin at medical shops.

    All the above listed methods are simple one and do not need any additional money to carry out those cheating. You can pass drug testing very confidently from next time.

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