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  • November 9th, 2010

    How To Pass A Probation Urine Drug Test

    How to Pass a Probation Urine Drug Test.

    Drug tests check a person’s body for the presence of drug traces. The tests are named after the sample used by them to check for drug residues. So if the test uses urine as sample, it is called the urine test. Similarly we have the blood test, saliva swab test or the oral drug test, sweat test / analysis and the hair drug test. The hair test is the most accurate and can trace drug use for the greatest durations before the test. The saliva test is the most difficult to beat if you are a user of drugs.

    To know how to pass a urine probation test, you should know certain basic details about the urine test. The urine test has the second best detection times. You need to have a timetable for how long urine retains different drugs. For e.g. marijuana can be detected in urine for 10 days, 45 days and 90 days in the case of occasional users, regular users and chronic users respectively. Depending on the drug you use and how often you use it you will get an approximate figure of the retention time. For that time before the drug test do not consume the drug. To pass drug test you will also have to make changes in your lifestyle. These will include fat burning exercise, drinking a lot of water and taking in a balanced diet. Fats store toxins and exercise burns these toxins. Water will effectively flush out the broken down toxins through urine and so needs to be ingested in good measure. The balanced diet will prevent the accumulation of any fresh toxins.

    A best urine drug test kit to check if your efforts are moving in the right direction. To be absolutely sure you can also consume red meat and vitamin B tablets. The former restores creatinine levels above the minimum required ones – dilution decreases concentration of creatinine, while the tablets restore the dark yellow color of the urine that is lightened due to all these dilution techniques.

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