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  • December 24th, 2010

    Thc Hair Test

    Read about THC hair test.

    Taking shots or smoking pots might please you all for some sort of period. But this can surely endanger your future as drug testing is a common practice all over the world. There can be nothing worse than getting into drug addiction. Drugs are going to do no good to you instead ruin your career and relationships. Drug testing is now a part of employment hiring process in many companies of United States. Failing to pass a drug test or simply failing to provide a specimen may be grounds for many negative consequences like suspension or termination of employees, court martial for those in military, loosing job opportunity or loosing an opportunity to participate in any kind of sports event. The financial security is lost. It is thus recommended to refrain from this bad vice at the earliest.

    Marijuana is the most commonly abused and tested for drug in United States and many other countries as well. THC, the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana, can get one high. It is a fat soluble metabolite and is generally stored in the fatty tissues of the system. Though being the least harmful drug, marijuana can surely be the reason for your failure in the drug test as it stays in the system for longer periods. As the toxicity increases the metabolites are encased in the hair shafts. This is the principle of working of a hair follicle drug test. The longer the hair, longer will the history of drug use detected. The human hair grows at the rate of 0.5 inch per month. This arbitrarily limits the drug detection times to about 90 days after the last use of drug. The drug testing laboratories require about 2.5-4 cm of hair to detect the drugs.

    Abusers try to circumvent a hair follicle drug test by shaving of their heads. In the absence of sufficient amount of hair on the head, hair present on any other part of the
    body can be used as a substitute. Hair drug tests are very prŠ¹cised and accurate in
    determining the use of prescription drugs, drugs of abuse or even nicotine. Marijuana natural detoxification is very essential if you are been called for a hair drug test. If you do not put in the right efforts for detoxification then you are surely going to be in a fix!

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