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  • December 24th, 2010

    To Pass A Drug Test Drink Pickle Juice

    To Pass a Drug Test drink Pickle Juice

    Drug Test is a procedure for determining drug use by a person. The objective behind a drug test is to discourage drug use. Drug tests are conducted by public and private employers, sports authorities, school and college authorities and even by landlords. Not being able to pass a drug test can mean a loss of job, cancellation of sporting achievements, suspension from school or college or eviction from rented premises. The fear of these consequences is meant to keep people away from drugs. Of particular importance is drug testing student athletes. It is supposed to discourage the use of performance enhancers in students when they are most likely to use drugs. These unfair tendencies have to be nipped in the bud so that tomorrow’s professional athletes achieve their aims in a fair and honest manner.

    The objective is good, but the actual implementation leaves much to be desired. Particularly, when there is the issue of false positive test results. This is a condition when non-users of drugs test positive if they consume certain medicines and foods before the drug test. This is the reason why even non-users are afraid of drug tests. This fear has led to the development of a parallel industry of products that help even drug users pass the test. And this fear is the reason why even non-users fall prey to myths about passing drug tests. One such myth is to pass a drug test drink pickle juice. There is absolutely no substance in this suggestion.

    Here are some better methods to pass a drug test:

    To pass the urine and the blood drug test, undertake regular fat burning exercise and drink a lot of water / fluids throughout the day. Fats store drug residues and burning fats breaks down these residues. Water then eliminates these residues through urine.

    A detox mouthwash is a good solution for clearing a saliva drug test. The mouthwash has to be used 5 to 30 minutes before the test to rinse your mouth.

    Using a masking shampoo can clear a hair test. These mask the drug residues accumulated inside the inner layers of hair.

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