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  • November 17th, 2010

    Ways To Cheat A Drug Test

    Overview on ways to cheat a drug test?

    With drug tests as part of chief need in several transaction like admission to different institutions, employment and acquisition of licenses, it is understandable why there are many people out there wishing to do anything for cheating on drug tests. Several can have got away with it however; government as well as other lab experts has caught on with this illicit practice. However, how rightly do these cheaters do it? You will be astonished by how ingenious these people can get. The first method to cheat a drug test is via exercise as well as giving clean samples. Even if, it is not the great method sometimes it works well. Exercises weeks before your scheduled drug testing is said to aid you in burning all the chemicals in your system. Others easily urinate several times every day before doing so for the sample.

    They even do not give first stream of their urine. The second method is dilution. Cheaters try to saturate their bodies with fluids, which can dilute metabolites. Few eat red meat 3 days prior to their drug testing as this protein source can boost their creatinine level to usual. Other people also color their urine sample by orally taking 50 to 100 mill gram vitamin B2 prior to the tests. Fluids like cranberry juice as well as other commercially available herbal diuretics are also utilized by many cheaters to cheat a drug test. There are many ways to cheat a drug test available on internet.

    There are people, who go into a high fiber diet days before their actual drug testing. Third famous method to cheat a drug test is to make use of chemical screens. There are different chemicals out there, which can be taken orally for masking traces of drugs in your urine. One efficient chemical is good-old aspirin. Taking 4 aspirins hours before you drug testing can aid interfere? Doping is another efficient method of cheating a drug test successfully. Chemical that is utilized for this method is unscented bleach crystals, which have been ground for a best powder to a diluted sample.

    There are many substances, which are Interfering substances in drug testing marijuana. The substances that are Interfering substances in drug testing marijuana include Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen, Naproxen and Promethazine. The substances mentioned here are greatly Interfering substances in drug testing marijuana. You will get detailed information about it on internet with ease.

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