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  • November 22nd, 2013

    Second Chances

    A customer called in last week and said he was a contractor for a huge IT company, and  his own boss. He does not get the benefits most employees do. He gets no health insurance, no 401k, no retirement. And after a few questions, he tells me that he had no urine test when he was hired.

    He explained how his company was going to hire a few employees from a major PC/Software manufacturer and they would also hire him as a full time employee. He said he was excited, but wanted to know what to do about it because now he was required to pass a drug test.

    I outlined for him numerous options considering he was an extremely heavy THC/ Marijuana user. He mentioned to me he had been clean for a few weeks. I recommended him to take a home test and to test himself to see if he was still positive for THC. He called me back and said he found out it was going to be a Hair Follicle test. I recommended the shampoos that we carry, and he was nervous and declined because he did not want to take the chance of failing.

    After a few days he called back and said he failed his Hair Follicle test. I explained again how hair tests are very hard to pass. He said they are going to give him a second chance to take a urine test. I explained the products needed for him to pass a urine test based on his weight, usage and other contributing factors. Considering he has been clean about 5 weeks he wouldn’t need the strongest product we carry since he has almost cleaned himself out by now.

    He declined to follow my advice again. He called me a few days ago to tell me he drank a lot of water and failed due to a “diluted sample” reading. So he decided to finally try our detox products and ordered one of our Detox Drinks.

    I received another phone call yesterday to thank me for saving his job. The drink worked for him and he passed his test. He almost lost out on a lucrative job offer because he  didn’t believe that the detox products really work. Sometimes being too skeptical might be harmful, it’s important to make a right decision before it’s too late.

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