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  • January 18th, 2011

    Do not use your pee for any reason when it comes to synthetics

    If you plan on passing a drug test and your only option to know you will pass is using a synthetic urine then stick with that. The reason for the synthetic is it comes prepared in a bottle already or a powder form you mix together before the test. I like to recommend the premade bottles from Ultra Pure or Quick Fix. These companies have a very strong reputation and they keep their name by backing their products 100% except for DOT drug tests.

    These products are not recommended for cv online monitored drug tests i.e someone watching you pee in a cup unless you have some kind of fail proof system to give a specimen in front of someone without it coming from your body.

    There have been a few people out there who have posted psychology essay horror stories that they failed because the buy psychology essays online synthetic did not smell like urine so they urinated in the cup to give it a urine smell. Yes. Urine does have a specific smell to it. More cases then most you smell urine when your body is not hydrated enough or you have some kind of infection. So when you’re asked to give a specimen for any reason and you plan on using synthetic urine then just use that DO NOT urinate in the cup, dump it, and refill with the synthetic so there is somewhat of a urine smell for the lab to smell. I honestly have not heard that many horror stories that lab personnel are sniffing your pee to make sure it is legit.

    The tiniest amount of your own “hot” urine meaning positive for an illegal substance will cause you to fail if you mix it with synthetic urine. Your own bodily toxins will over run the synthetic and cause the positive you didn’t want in the first place.

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