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  • February 21st, 2011

    Drugged Driving Laws not so helpful in states that support Medical Marijuana use

    How do you lock someone up for DUID if your state allows smoking of Marijuana. While I was reviewing the state cialis pills DUI Laws I had noticed that you could be charged for it but a percentage of people had there cases dismissed because the Marijuana is for medical use like prescription medication. However, the catch to that is these states have enacted laws banning driving a vehicle while under specific controlled substances and certain edit my essay online medications.

    How do you protect yourself from being arrested? Well you don’t. Pharmacies do not provide you with a list of narcotics you are not allowed to drive on because all medications buy psychology essays online affect people differently. If you are living in a state that supports Medical Marijuana use then don’t drive. If you are pulled over with suspicion of being under the influence chances are you will be drug tested at a local hospital. The limit of THC metabolites allowed in ones system is 25/ng in order for you to be deemed “Not Under the Influence” anything over that will either get you locked up or fined for DUI.

    No one has questioned these laws until now when I re-searched the “grey” areas and how the law is still not in your favor with Medical Marijuana usage.

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