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  • January 6th, 2011

    Federal Judges who voted against Medical Marijuana are now backing laws to protect drug users?

    I understand the 4th Amendment quite well. I have studied the “ins and outs” of laws pertaining to it as well. One in particular is “Protection against unreasonable searches”.

    Now I am going to cheap viagra canada play Devil’s advocate. There are plenty of Detox Products out on the market to ensure you pass a drug test as long as the product is used correctly right? Ok, so when employees don’t care about the 4th brilliant term papers Amendment and randomly drug test employees then the employee protects themselves by exercising there rights to act freely and purchase detox products.

    Now for a Federal Judge to vote against Medical Marijuana use yet also vote against random drug testing for Mental Health employees this must mean there is a good chance that someone or some charity fought against random drug testing due to the high probability a percentage of employees would be terminated.

    Now where does that leave us? This person does not support Medical Marijuana use in this specific state yet by voting against random drug testing for Mental Health employees he is telling them go ahead smoke weed, snort cocaine, smoke some meth, shoot some dope.

    Who does the employee go after when they try to gain employment elsewhere other then Mental Health and they are drug tested and denied employment? I know it is there own stupidity for submitting a bad sample to a lab but there is nothing saying that you have to be clean according to this judge.

    We should get a hold of him and have him do another ruling on how it is ok to use detox products for and kind of drug testing in his state.

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