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  • September 3rd, 2010

    Employment drug testing in Australia

    Nothing can be compared to drug tests in United States; however, other countries do have them, just not to the same extent. Employee drug testing does not have any legal standing anywhere in Europe – for US federal workers drug testing is a mandatory procedure.
    One of the biggest fields of employment in Australia – mining industry – is leading the country in the number of tested employees. Each state has its own occupational health and safety requirements that force the managers to double check on possible employee impairment due to alcohol or drug consumption. However, it is pretty difficult to establish a true impairment since the cut-off levels are so low. There is currently a lobby in Australia to increase marijuana tests’ sensitivity in order to avoid the ambiguity in test results – recent use would show a much higher level than a past usage does. Other fields that also perform workplace drug testing are: road construction, forestry, transport, meat and poultry, dairy, power, fishing, manufacturing, etc. The greater parts of testing are pre-employment drug tests, and only 15% are random tests. Since many unions do not support drug testing, in the case of a positive test result an employee is not fired, but is given a second chance and advised to undergo a rehabilitation program. Only in the case of repeated several positive tests a person is being dismissed. Let’s hope that with the growing employment drug testing there will be a growing market of detox products as well. Currently, we offer international shipping to Australia, which takes roughly 5-7 business days.

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