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  • December 24th, 2010

    Drug Screening Medical Professionals

    Read more about standards set for drug screening medical professionals

    To maintain the liability it is very much essential for people in healthcare industry to give drug abuse testing. Most often urine testing is carried out as drug screening medical professionals. Urine testing provides most comprehensive way for an extensive panels of drug screening. They have slightly higher threshold value than that of granted as standard by SAMHSA organization. These sort of testing can be the most excellent choice for the employees who work in the health care industry. Reason behind such change in cut off level is that, health care employees need to handle certain drugs. Compare with the other private sector employees, they are having large exposure to drugs and illegal substance. Under such circumstances, drug screening medical professionals giving most efficient tool which is perfectly suitable for employees work in pharmaceutical manufacturers nursing homes hospitals and so many other authorized medical profession. Few advantage of this method are-

    1. Customized drug testing panels. One can configure it as per decided cut off value.

    2.Reliable and more accurate result

    3.Collection is possible and taken at all FDA approved collection centre.

    4.Laboratory analysis is carried out through officially certified SAMHSA labs.

    5.Results can be reviewed by senior medical authority.

    There are some other drug testing form too. Hair drug testing is one of them. To beat the disadvantages of urine drug testing, these other forms of drug testing are invented. With this, you can dig out long history of the drug. Conduction process is simple and does not take more than 10 minutes time. Drug detection window period is large and able to show drug presence from 90 days period to life long period time. Most often hair drug testing are carried out in special laboratories. Though now hair home drug test kits are also available in the market. Though it have slight difficult conduction process, it is advisable to take it before your actual drug screening. Home base hair drug testing consist of all the equipments required. You do not need to purchase anything separately. By practicing once or twice at home, you can learn its techniques.

    Looking forward to pass a drug test? If you are from medical profession, then know what is set cut off value for respected drug.

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