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  • February 24th, 2011

    Looks like at home cheats are becoming popular again

    Vinegar is now back by popular demand.

    cialis online There have been more and order generic cialis more customers brilliant term papers psychology essay calling and asking why they vinegar trick didn’t work. They know so many people that it worked for it just didn’t work for them.

    I asked them if they knew for sure that it worked or not. They were not too sure. They thought maybe they didn’t use the correct vinegar or mixture was maybe wrong.

    How about this? Large amounts of vinegar will cause “masking” results not to mention severe and in some cases violent diarrhea. It will also significantly lower the pH balance of your urine giving the lab testing it enough evidence that you are tampering your sample.

    The only good use for vinegar is for household cleaning and in some detox cases to use half part vinegar and half part water as a rinse in your hair in conjunction with a detox shampoo or hair cleansing product.

    So head the warning when one person said it was awful to drink vinegar to pass a drug test chances are it will be just as bad if not worse for you. Always keep yourself hydrated as well when it comes to any kind of detox. Just be sure not to drink water too much or you may dilute your sample.

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