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  • August 18th, 2010

    Radioimmunoassay i.e. Saliva testing

    Radioimmunoassay is the testing done on saliva to see if there are toxins in your spit or not. This has been a very successful and proven way to drug test for any and all toxins. This test is so strategic that it can test positive with a few hours of using a toxin to weeks after using a toxin.

    Not too many informational sites have this information available to view. However, this test was originated for other medical issues such as testing the insulin level of a diabetic to other sorts of infections.

    The purpose of this test is to look closer to the saliva and see what toxins cling to the saliva. All toxins and medical problems can be detected through saliva permitting they are in your blood stream. For example if you smoked THC/Marijuana 2 days ago this will show in your saliva. If you smoked 2 hours before a saliva test the results will be positive for THC and very high contents.

    Some people fail because they think brushing there teeth before they go helps. First problem is most people who brush there teeth make there gums bleed. Blood will show more then a little THC it will show a lot more. Second most people who brush there teeth use mouth wash. Mouth wash will show positive for alcohol consumption and you will most likely be given a breathalyzer next.

    Now before panicking there are a few saliva detox products out there such as a 7 day cleansing program that will do a complete detox and mouth washes that coat the mouth so when the test is administered the device will only get the product not your actual saliva. If it does indeed get your saliva the product is strong enough to still give a negative toxin screen which means your as good as gold.

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