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  • July 6th, 2010

    Water for a sample?

    When there’s no time to detoxify and you need something quick but reliable, you can always use a urine substitution, which is easy and ready to use whenever you need to. But what about a saliva test? Is there something similar?

    - Hi there, I’ve got a question for you! I see you have synthetic urine; do you have synthetic saliva too? I can’t find it here…
    - No, unfortunately we do not have anything of that sort. You need to pass a saliva drug test? We have a detoxifying mouthwash you can use.
    - Yes, I know, but it only works for thirty minutes, I don’t think I can use it close enough to the test so it would last that long.
    - This product blocks the toxins that are excreted by the salivary glands along with the saliva, but unfortunately it cannot be blocked for an extended period of time, so you have to use it very close to your test.
    - Ok, what about using water instead?
    - I don’t see how you would be able to…
    - Well, for instance, if I have a mouthful of water when they give me a swab, and instead of my fluids they get just water, will that work?
    - I doubt that… Depending on the testing facility, they might give you al little swab to put under your tongue – in that case all the water that you want to hold in your mouth will come out. Or, they might swab your gums and under the tongue themselves – in that case you really can’t do anything…
    - They do it themselves?
    - They can, depending on the testing facility…
    - Oh, yeah, I think I’m better off timing myself with that mouthwash. What was that again? …

    To pass a drug test might not be as easy as it may seem at first. You have to know how it works and the right way to make sure to pass it. Saliva detoxifying mouthwash covers the inside of your mouth so no matter where a sample it taken from, it will be free of toxins. But since saliva is produced continuously, you have to make sure to submit a sample in time.

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