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  • February 24th, 2011

    What employers can’t, won’t, and sometimes may not tell you

    Employers these days are limited to information they get when it comes to drug testing in the work place. Depending on the contract and governmental agencies cialis 5mg employers are limited to specific information regarding drug screening.

    Some employers just never call when you fail a “pre-employment” drug screen for potential employment. They will wait for you to call and find out the status of the position.

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    Now most employers will send a handful of prospects to drug test and only 1 or a few will be called back depending on how many openings there are. They leave that as a condition. Meaning, when you call they simply say, “We are sorry but we filled the position(s) already”.

    This is better than saying we are not hiring you because you failed your drug test. It is quite less embarrassing that way.  You are more than welcome to call the laboratory to find out what your results were. However, they may not release that info over the phone and by showing your face again with ID may not get you the info either because you did not pay for the test, not to mention in some states you can be charged legally because substance abuse is against the law.

    If that is the case then you should try a detox product until you retain employment. As for being employed already and having a random test you are still subject to losing your job. Some companies allow a second chance to redeem yourself if you fail the first one. Just note that the first failed test does go into your HR file. This may not be helpful in future testing. There are plenty of products out on the market that waork. You should try a few to see which one works best and stick with it.

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