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  • December 24th, 2010

    At Home Products To Pass A Marijuana Test

    At Home Products to Pass A Marijuana Test

    Marijuana is the most widely consumed drug in the United States and in many other locations across the world. In the common language it is referred to as pot. It can either be smoked in or orally ingested. When smoked the effects are felt almost immediately but don’t last long and are less intense. The reverse is the case when the drug is orally ingested – the effects are slow to make themselves felt but last longer and are more intense. The effects include a feeling of extreme optimism and of being in control of the situation around, increase in heart rate, change in blood pressure, accelerated speech and activity and an increased tendency to be aggressive and even violent.

    Tetra hydro cannabinol – THC – is the psychoactive substance in pot. To pass a drug test for pot you need to detoxify your body – that is get THC out of your body. Following are the at home products to pass marijuana test:

    For 7 to 15 days before the test, take regular fat burning exercise, drink a lot of water throughout the day and eat a balanced – healthy diet. THC is stored in fat. Burning fat breaks down THC that is then flushed out through urine by water. The diet prevents accumulation of any fresh toxins.

    To prevent discoloration of urine take vitamin B tablets. These restore the dark yellow color of urine that is diluted due to the above step.

    Taking 4 aspirins a couple of hours before the test interferes with the detection process and is therefore a good option to beat the test.

    Ephedra is a plant extract that is used for treatment of asthma, hay fever and common cold in traditional Chinese medicine. Drug test and ephdra are linked because ephedra containing dietary supplements have been banned in the USA. This was in response to serious side effects, including deaths, caused due to consumption of ephedra containing dietary supplements. Ephedra increases heart rate and constricts blood vessels thereby increasing blood pressure. It also makes breathing easier because it expands bronchial tubes. This is the reason athlete use it to enhance performance.

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