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  • October 7th, 2010

    At Home Remedies To Pass A Drug Test

    at home remedies to pass a drug test

    There are different ways that you should be aware of in case you want to know how to pass a drug test. You can even rely on several home remedies, which can help you pass your drug test without any problem. Some of the most popular ways of passing a drug test with home remedies include taking any one or even more of the following:

    Cranberry Juice

    Water helps you flush your system, which, in turn, is helpful in passing a drug test. However, for this, the amount of water to be consumed should be at least one gallon or even more. This should also be done within hours of the drug test that you are scheduled to have. Having a large amount of water dilutes your urine. Thus, it helps to give a negative result for the drug test. However, this result, of course, is a false one and is done to get this result artificially. Thus, consuming a large amount of water can help you pass the drug test easily. However, there are also a number of problems that you might face if you follow this process. For example, if urine becomes extremely diluted as a result of consuming excessive water, it gives an idea that the consumption of excess water is intentional, only to pass the drug test.

    Drinking cranberry juice is also one of the most popular home remedies to pass the drug test. Cranberry juice should also be taken in a similar way and in same quantities as water. The function of this juice is also similar to that of water. However, it is preferred by many of the users over water due to its excellent taste. Cranberry capsules can also be consumed along with cranberry juice for outstanding results.

    Diuretics, such as apple cider vinegar, coffee or green tea are helpful in increasing the rate of urination of the person looking forward to a drug test. Thus, it helps to flush out the drug out of your system and ensure that the results for drug test are negative. However, if you are using this process to obtain negative results for your drug test, you need to start consuming one gallon of diuretics from the day before the test and continue taking them till the time of the test.

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