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  • September 22nd, 2010

    Can milk thistle make a drug test negative

    Can milk thistle make a drug test negative? Know whether milk thistle can make a drug test negative.

    There are a countless number of drug detox solutions around today, but the safest ones are the home drug detox solutions or remedies. Some people and even experts suggests that using some over-the-counter detox solutions can complement effectively with home drug detox solutions to remove drug residues from the hair. Stimulant detox is one of the major important steps of removing banned stimulant drugs; these stimulants will increase the heart rates and perform some other functions in the body, including a sharp increase in the body metabolism.

    Generally speaking, milk thistle would not contribute much in making a drug test negative. In order to make a drug test negative, the first basic requirement is to not do drugs at all. However, if you are still into it, then you might consider trying different ways of coming out of it, and different ways of getting a negative drug test report. Milk thistles has a number of benefits, which includes but is not restricted to, protectign the liver from any sort of damage by guarding the liver cell membranes, act as a strong antioxidant in the liver, stomach, and intestines, helps repair and regenerate liver cells by means of stimulating protein synthesis, stimulating the flow of bile. Bile is required to break down fat in the human system. Since time immemorial, milk thistle has been the subject of innumerable laboratory trials and researches. The extract of milk thistle helps people to recover more quickly, and helps in preventing the condition from becoming more severe. Milk thistles help eliminate the chances of gallstones, as it helps in reducing the cholesterol level in the bile. Milk thistle also has a possible anti allergenic effects. Having said about all the plus points and the developments that are going on in terms of milk thistle, the future of milk thistle sure does look promising. However, there is no guarantee about the fact that milk thistle would helo make a drug test negative.

    What you can do in order to make a drug test negative could be various other things, such as, exercising, sweating it out well, so that your body detoxifies. You can also visit a sauna for the same purpose. The more you sweat it out, the better for you. What you can also do is, drink sufficient amount of water. However, you need to pay extra attention to the fact that, your system should not be too detoxified, as that would cause your sample to be too fade, and you might have to go in for the test again. In order to avoid this, if you are taking a lot of fluid such as water, vinegar, cranberry juice, and the likes, what you could do is, in order to neutralize the effect of a lot of fluid, you can go in for a dose of vitamin b tablet. This tablet would help in turning the tinge of your urine sample more ont he yellow side, so that even if you have a lot of fluid intake in your body, it would not show up in the reports.

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