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  • November 17th, 2010

    Basic Drug Test

    Read about basic drug test.

    Drug testing have become conditions for employments and these conditions can also be in effect even when you have joined a company. Initially drug testing was made mandatory only for the federal employees by the US government but now even private companies and schools are adopting these policies to administer their work place and deter the use of drugs in such places. Drugs have no place in work society these days. While some of us may consider pre employment drug testing as some tactics, they are the requirements of big companies. So you should know all the basics about the drug test. Quick test drug information is readily available on the internet.

    Drug testing is basically the examination of urine, hair, blood and saliva for the presence or absence of illicit drugs in the system. It is indeed the best way to determine whether a person is using drugs or not. Monitoring behavioral changes can though help for the same but are not that effective. If you have in the past or presently using illicit drugs, you should stop using them immediately. The day before or even a week before the deadline will likely be too late if you wish to achieve a negative result.

    The basic drug test used for the purpose of pre employment or random drug testing is a five-screen program also called as NIDA-5 which tests the following drugs in the system of the subject:

    1. Cocaine
    2. Cannabinoids
    3. Amphetamines
    4. Opiates
    5. Phencyclidine

    Some of the companies also conduct 10 panel drug testing which screens the presence of 10 illegal drugs. How long the drug will remain in the system depends upon the half life of the drugs used, the frequency and quantity of drug use, tolerance, fluid intake, body mass and the metabolism rate of the system. The detection times of the drugs available on various websites does not mean that the drugs are fully flushed out of your system. It is the time in which the drug metabolites are dissipated enough that it no longer can test you positive.

    The drug test can come up in several forms. Urinalysis is the most preferred and reliable one. If you are not a drug user and you fail a drug test then ask the autrhorities to conduct a confirmation test. This is because all the drug test cannot be completely relied upon because of chances of false positives.

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