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  • November 9th, 2010

    Body Detox Drug Test

    Body detox drug test

    Body detox is not as difficult as it sounds if you are not taking “hard drugs” such as opiates, cocaine, or PCP. Since the withdrawal symptoms of such drugs are much worse compared to other drugs such as marijuana or hashish they are harder to quit. Detoxifying the body of drugs such as marijuana can be done at home and usually does not need any official rehabilitation procedure. However, heavy and chronic use of these drugs can necessitate professional help in the form of group therapy or rehabilitation to pass a drug test.

    The first step in detoxifying the body is to get rid of all the drugs and drug related paraphernalia so that chances of recidivism are reduced. The way your body gets rid of toxin differs from one person to another and a high metabolic rate can enhance the chances of a quick recovery. People with high body fat who are habitual or chronic abusers will take more time compared to thin individuals who have low body fat. This is because most drugs are retained in body fat and other organs and released only after an abuser quits doing drugs.

    The best way to start detox is to visit a doctor and spill the beans; professional help can go a long way. However, it is also advisable to use natural methods of detox rather than popping pills or taking medication to reduce cravings or withdrawal. The most important factor is burning fat and getting a lot of exercise. It is also advisable not to take alcohol or smoke cigarettes to fill the gaps. This can worsen the situation and lead to depression or worse, addiction to these legal drugs.

    A vitamin B12 drug test is one in which a person can take this vitamin to beat the withdrawal symptoms which are similar to those in vitamin B12 deficiency. These common symptoms include tiredness, weakened concentration and memory, a decreased mental work capacity, and irritability and depression. Therefore taking vitamin B12 while detoxifying is good in order to pass a drug test. It is found in milk, fish, and eggs in addition to fortified products such as breakfast cereals.

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