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  • January 20th, 2011

    Can Aspirin Help You Pass A Drug Test

    Can aspirin help you pass a drug test.

    As per one recent report said, it is proved that by taking some substances you are able to create interference in EMIT result. Most frequently asked question is can aspirin help you pass a drug test? It seems that this medicine absorbs some wavelength which is matching with that of NAD. Take 4 aspiring tablets before screening provide good help for passing drug test. Even after going through lots of testing it is not foolproof method of passing drug test. By reliable sources, it is found that aspirin do shows effect on EMIT. Still it is advisable to take advantage of uncertainty. Aspirin is easily available in medical store and it is consider as main drug against cough and cold. However, aspirin is not suitable for person having heart trouble and high blood pressure. They should take appropriate precaution to avoide any inappropriate incident.

    Along with aspirin, you can also take A-B vitamin. However, be sure that you are taking multi vitamin one hour before to screening deadline. Multi vitamins provide good natural yellow color to urine. It will help you to mask drug metabolites presence as well as for increasing non watery content in sample. While using aspirin be sure that you are not using Advil or Tylenol. They will give you false positive result. Have almost 4-5 aspirin tablets each with 325 mg. That will be sufficient to brake EMIT testing. These methods will be most appropriate at a time of random drug testing. Few benifits of random drug testing includes less chance of tampering. Random testing is carried out with saliva or urine testing. Though saliva testing is difficult to beat, always carry some aspirin with you.

    If your drug testing is conducted with home base drug testing kits, then here is good news for you. Cut off value for home base drug testing kits is 0.5 ng/ L. It is SAMHSA approved one and follow every where in the country. These kits are most widely used at hospitals, workplace, and schools due to cheap pricing. Though it is not accurate one for drug detection, it is quite enough for drug testing conducted at workplace. GC-MS is most standard way of testing. However, it is cost is not affordable for every employee. Most of the home base drug test kits work on dip testing formula. It is simper and quicker form of screening. Here is where you can make appropriate use of aspirin. You can judge you r test result on edge with aspirin.

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