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  • December 24th, 2010

    Drug Screening Kits

    Read more about drug screening kits.

    Drug screening kits are used for detecting some common drugs like Cocaine, Marijuana Opiates, Methamphetamine, and Amphetamine etc. Drug abuse is a serious problem and leaves very harsh impact on person’s body. Drug intake at the workplace may lead for severe injuries and sometime even death of the person. Hence it is very crucial to conduct drug testing at the workplace. There are numerous types of drug screening kits are available in market or you can place order from online portals as well. One of the most drug testing kits in demand is 5 panel screening test kits.

    Home base drug screening kits are very useful for those who are willing to conduct drug testing without loosing their privacy. Especially it is very beneficial for parent to check their child’s drug habits. They are very easy to get and comes with very cost effective deal. These screening kits are best to use at workplace as well. You are avail with the result almost immediately and they are not at all difficult to interpret.

    Here are the some plus points of using drug screening kits. Main advantages of the use of drug testing kits are they are very simple to monitor, quite easy to use, able to give reliable and accurate result. They can identify the presence of multiple drugs as a sole or in combination with the other drugs. Most of the home base drug testing kits available in the market are simple dip or strip test format. Result you got from these kits is 99% accurate. When you are using these drug testing kits, you simply do not need to worry about cut off level. All the drug testing kits manufacturing company strictly follow the SAMHSA rules.

    Remember that home drug screenings are best and most effective for monitoring drug metabolic percentage. For clinical testing, you can use synthetic urine provided you have very short period of time. But in some cases drug abusers are come across with failed drug test using synthetic urine. Main reason for it may be they fail to achieve proper temperature. It is necessary that sample you create must in be in the range of 94-100 degree F. To pass drug test, be sure you are completely refrain from all sorts of drugs for a while.

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