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  • October 7th, 2010

    Cocaine In System

    Leaving aside few uses of cocaine in medical sphere, it does nothing other than providing a feeling of pleasure in a person. This apparently may not be something intense to think about, but the presence of cocaine in system can eventually cause death.

    The cocaine when consumed, the part that is active, directly affects the nervous system. It hardly takes seconds to reach the brain and cause an anesthetic effect. Such effect is caused because cocaine interferes in the transmission of information from one nerve cell to another. This interference of the cocaine takes Place in the brain. The result is that the person consuming cocaine for the time being, loses his consciousness, and experiences a feeling of great pleasure. At such times, the heart of the user races, resulting in the increase in blood pressure, respiration and also in the body temperature. When all these changes happen in the body system, the alertness and energy of the user increases. The problem with this entire thing is that, this is a temporary phenomenon. So, in order to stay in this temporary phase of pleasure, more and more cocaine is consumed. The urge of consuming cocaine goes to such an extreme that one goes up to the point of killing himself. If speaking in physical terms, cocaine is not that addictive like heroin, but the bad side is, cocaine makes the human system become psychologically dependent on it. The fatigue and depression that takes over the user when he stops the consumption, urges him to carry on taking it. This dependence blocks every way of normal living as the person prefers to be in the fake world of ecstasy, and ultimately ends his life.

    Excessive use of cocaine in system may cause rise in blood pressure giving way to bleeding in the brain, along with breathing problems. It is often seen that physically fit people suddenly die due to the intake of cocaine.

    In the medical sphere also, there are risks in using this drug. This is because, as of yet, no antidote has been discovered to be used in case of overdose. Apart from the risks that come hand in hand with the consumption of cocaine, it also calls into legal consequences.

    So, however glamorous it apparently seems, it does nothing to improve one’s life. On the contrary cocaine in system does everything to end a life slowly!!

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