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  • October 19th, 2010

    Cocaine Positive Drug Test Mistake

    Cocaine Positive Drug Test Mistake

    False Positive is a condition when a person tests positive for drug consumption even when he / she has not consumed drugs. This is a serious situation and therefore merits a thorough discussion. The condition is brought on by the consumption of certain foods and medicines. Many over the counter medicines contain drug chemicals and can spoil your drug test without any great fault of yours. The same will be the case if you consume certain foodstuffs before the test.

    Drug tests have become a common thing all over the United States. Employers, school and college authorities and even landlords have made drug testing compulsory. This is in response to the widespread use of drugs. Use of drugs generally starts in schools and colleges. Their friends and acquaintances introduce students to this evil. Drugs are addictive and when consumed once, users want more and more of them. The users also gradually shift towards more potent drugs.

    The different types of drug tests are urine test, blood test, saliva swab test, sweat test / analysis and the hair drug test. Of these the urine test is the most common test while the most accurate is the hair test. The hair test can also trace drug consumption for longer periods. For e.g. marijuana in hair drug test can be detected for up to 3 years before the test.

    Eating poppy seeds before the drug test can result in you testing positive for cocaine. Apart from this, conditions like kidney infection / disease, liver infection / disease and diabetes can also result in positive testing for cocaine. Consumption of amoxicillin and tonic water will give a similar result in the test. You should refrain from the consumption of above mentioned substances before the test. It is also advisable to avoid any over the counter medicines. If this is not possible you should check these medicines with a competent doctor lest they give a false positive test. The quality of the lab that tests you is also important. If it is one that meets federal standards the nature of the test result will be such that the false positives can be identified.

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