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  • October 7th, 2010

    Causes False Positive Drug Test

    What causes false positive drug test failure?

    Drug testing has become a common procedure these days. If you really have been on drugs and the drug test has been conducted properly, then you are genuinely tested positive. But at times it so happens that it is because of another substance that you are tested positive. What causes false positive drug test failure? When the identity of a particular drug is mistaken it can be called false tested drug test report. You could get a positive result for a particular drug even if you have not consumed that particular drug. At times it is the consumption of another food item or product which may give positive results for a particular drug.

    If the drug testing laboratory meets standards set by the federal authority and conduct quality drug test pass testing procedures, then the chances of getting a false positive result are very less. Depending on the type of laboratory there can be a varying rate of cases being reported as false positive. There are a number of companies which conduct drug test pass testing procedures and if they do not hire services of a certified laboratory the chances of getting the employees tested false positive are also very high. There are a number of products which after consumption can result in a false positive report.

    What causes false positive drug test failure? This is a common question which a lot of people going for a drug test or those who have been tested positive. If there is any doubt, a good idea would be to get the test conducted, once again from a reputed drug testing laboratory. Those who are into the habit of doing the shots need to note that if at all they are not able to get out of the habit then the only solution is joining a drug rehabilitation centre. Patients are kept in an entirely different environment where the chances of getting rehabilitated are always higher. Environment at the rehabilitation center is friendly enough the drug addict slowly and gradually comes out of the drug habit, clean and clear. In a number of countries, consequences for taking drugs or possessing drugs are very severe. There are legal clauses that handle cases and hence it is very important to stay off drugs in the first place.

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