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  • October 7th, 2010

    Cranberry Juice Before Drug Test

    Cranberry juice before drug test

    Drug tests are done to find illicit drug abusers. Drugs tests are obligatory at a number of work places and for college admissions. This obligation has made drug abusers to seek the ways of passing a drug test successfully. Making use of cranberry juice is a usual method that is used by many drug abusers for passing the urine drug test. Information is provided to you below on the method that is followed by several drug abusers for passing a drug test successfully.

    Cranberry juice is considered as an organic diuretic that is consumed at home. Taking cranberry juice on the drug testing day provisionally dilutes the urine. This will provisionally strip out THC from your urine. Best quality cranberry juice is taken for balancing pH level of your urine as well as increase the urination frequency. Cranberry juice is also famous for its capability to help you in maintaining kidney functioning in a natural way.

    Now let us have a look at how to pass the drug test making use of cranberry juice. Drugs abusers drink few cranberry juice glasses before opting for a drug test. They make sure that the urine in bladder is watered down. Drug abusers start by drinking plenty of water as well as few glasses of cranberry juice. Cranberry juice will make assure to urinate often. When the company has the history to have tests at their work places right away then drug abusers attempt for keeping a bottle of cranberry juice with them so that they drink it before the test. They drink it before the test and attain an opportunity of urinating before the test to clean their system with the help of juice.

    It causes a pH shift making your urine sample acidic changing the chemistry of immunoassay tests. In fact, the body detoxifies acid as well as dilutes to psychological pH. Between urination as well as dilution of urine with water, metabolites are not able to build up to a noticeable level. Talking about drug abuse and detox and Tucson, every drug rehab in Tucson, Arizona has a varied approach to a revival process. You should take note of what is crucial for you and then make decisions that are based on your personal requirements. You should keep in mind that there are several treatment options in Tucson for the tests of drug abusers. These options include alcohol rehab, drug treatment programs, support groups, sober living, halfway houses and outpatient treatment.

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