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  • October 7th, 2010

    Days To Pass A Drug Test

    Days to Pass a Drug Test.

    These days you can be asked to take a drug test anywhere. If you have just joined a new company or have been working in one for a while you will be made to take the drug test. Want to participate in the school and college games or want to simply continue with your education– take the drug test first. If you move to a new place and are in search of rented accommodation, chances are the landlord may politely (not always) ask you to take that dreaded D test first. And if this was not enough, you can be made to take the test even if you are the vendor for a company. All this applies equally to men and women – so even females will have to do the passing in the drug tests.

    Drug test check if you consume drugs. They are mainly of these types – blood drug test, urine test, saliva swab test, sweat test / analysis and the hair drug test. The problem with the drug tests is that most of them have a limited accuracy. When you combine this with the fact that many of the drug chemicals are present as ingredients in numerous over the counter medicines, you know you can’t be cocksure of clearing this test. For, even if you have consumed the drugs unknowingly, through such medicines, you are liable to test positive and face the music – and you know what that means.

    The question naturally arises as to what precautions you should take. Here is a list of steps that might just save the day for you:

    1. Do not do drugs.

    2. Get your medicines only under prescription, avoid over the counter medicines. In case you have consumed them, or are taking them currently, consult your doctor immediately and find out if these contain any ingredients that can make you test positive.

    3. One week before the test take regular fitness building exercise, drink lots and lots of water and take a balanced diet that is rich in proteins, carbohydrates and fiber while avoiding fatty and oily foods completely. We would sincerely suggest that you continue these measures even after the test – they are healthy anyway.

    4. For the same duration before the test, avoid venturing into toxic environs, lest the same be reflected in your body fluids.

    5. You can also take a detox only under careful medical guidance.

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