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  • February 16th, 2011

    Dna Drug Testing

    know about DNA drug testing conduction process and accuracy.

    DNA drug testing drug testing is most accurate and powerful way for proving person is using drugs or not. DNA checking is basically Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) verification. It is genetic blueprint perceive by every one. A child possess exact DNA match got from his mother and father. DNA drug testing is conducted with PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology. It is new and novel way to know drug percentage. To add more reliability each drug test is separately conducted twice. Every result checked with the accuracy. DNA drug testing procedure is very much simple. DNA conduction is often conducted by checking saliva samples. Importantly, you can dig the long history of drugs with single saliva samples. Result you got from blood DNA testing is exactly matching with result you got from saliva samples.

    Marijuana have tendency to be in the blood cells for longer time period. Though it does not show up any hazardous side effects on the body it is main reason behind failure in drug test.

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    DNA swab test is usually conducted on an individual to establish his or her DNA makeup. DNA or Deoxyribonucleic Acid is a substance that is present in the body of all individuals. It contains the genetic data that control the entire process of life in an individual. Genetic data will determine the color of our skin, the physique we have, some aspects of our personality, and many other factors. DNA samples are almost 100% unique to the individual they belong to. It is nearly impossible for two people to have the exact same DNA makeup. DNA samples are thus admissible as evidence in cases where a person is suspected to be the parent of a child. DNA samples may also be used in cases where sexual assault has occurred and the sample from a suspect is compared to a sample found on the individual. Modern forensic science also uses DNA sampling to place a person at the scene of a crime based on any DNA traces they may leave behind.

    A DNA swab test is conducted using the mouth of an individual. The mouth contains saliva as well as the skin cells that form the lining of the mouth. When a swab is inserted, it is rubbed against the skin of the mouth and it picks up some skin cells along with the saliva. This provides the tester with a sample of the person’s cells which contain the DNA material. The DNA chart from this sample can then be compared with other DNA data that has been collected from a crime scene or from a child whose parentage is being questioned. Often, children born by accident or in relationships that have failed before the birth are left with one parent only, usually the mother. According to the law in most countries the father is also responsible for the care of the child, especially financially. DNA testing can establish the father of the child and can then be used to make a legal judgment in such a case.

    It is not possible to beat a DNA swab test. The test uses the skin cells from the mouth. Even if the mouth is contaminated before the test, a re-test is taken to ensure accuracy of the results. The only way to beat such a test is to have the swab tested in someone else’s mouth but this is not possible as testing is done by doctors or law enforcement authorities

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