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  • December 19th, 2010

    Does Saliva Drug Test Work

    Read more about how does saliva drug test work?

    Saliva or oral or fluid testing are becoming more and more popular. First of all it is simple process; secondly process of collecting samples is non-invasive. There is no embarrassment while taking sample and no one can perform any tampering with samples. If you have question like does saliva drug test work? Then its answer is Yes. Saliva test is most often used as on the spot method for drug detection. In saliva drug testing detection, a swab normally in the toothbrush shape but having pad in the place of bristles. Person going through saliva test needs to hold swab in between the gum and cheeks for at least 2 minutes. Once he done with the same, samples is tested with the drug testing kit. You can avail with the result within minutes.

    As saliva testing is quite simple to perform, oral drug testing carried out frequently on the work place. However, one limitation of this drug is only recent one drug uses can be able to detect with the same. You can check drug presence up to last 3-4 days. Not more than that. With saliva drug testing, you can measure presence of 8 different drugs. Though, only 5-6 different drug testing is carried out at a time. Furthermore, there is chance of getting false positive result for some kinds of drugs. However, specific designed drugs are taking in to account with salvia testing. Another most commonly asked question asks is can drinking vinigar pass a drug test? Answer of the question is no. If you are having vinegar, either orally or to dilute urine samples it only lower downs the pH content of your sample. And lower pH is a sign of tampering in the sample. Your administrator may ask you for another sample under a close eye. Furthermore, having excess vinegar may cause severe diarrhea.

    If you look any detox product available in the market, no one gives 100% assurance over quick and safe removal of toxins from the body. That is why it is very much essential to have right product. Very often that so called detox products are just work as masking agent. This is not advisable as they increase the chance of analytical modes of drug test. To get pass in saliva drug testing, you can make use of mouth wash or mouth cleansing device.

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