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  • October 11th, 2010

    Drink Cranberry Juice To Pass Drug Test

    Drink cranberry juice to pass drug test

    Drug tests took place to find whether an individual has abuse illegal drugs or not. Drug tests are growingly becoming famous at several work places, in sports and for collage admissions. This leads to drug abusers to seek for the ways of passing a drug test successfully. Making use of cranberry juice is the most usual method that is used by drug abusers for passing the urine drug testing. Information provided in this article is on the method followed by drug abusers to pass a drug test with ease.

    Cranberry juice is considered an organic diuretic that is consumed at home. Drinking cranberry juice on the testing day temporarily dilutes your urine. This will also strip out THC from your urine. Great quality cranberry juice is ideal and consumed to balance pH level of your urine and augment frequency of urination. Cranberry juice is praised for its capability to help in maintaining organic kidney functioning as well. Many drug abusers drink some glasses of juice before opting to work on the day of the drug test. They also make sure urine in bladder is watered down enough. Drug abusers start by drinking a gallon of water as well as drink a couple of glasses of cranberry juice. Cranberry juice makes sure to urinate often.

    When the company has a background of conducting drug tests on the work places immediately then drug abusers attempt for keeping a bottle of cranberry juice with them often. They drink cranberry juice before the drug test and perhaps attain an opportunity to urinate before the drug test for cleaning the system with the help of cranberry juice. Cranberry works effectively for passing the drug test by making your urine sample acidic and changing the chemistry of immunoassay tests. In fact, body detoxifies acid as well as dilutes to psychological pH.

    Between the often urination and even dilution of urine with water, metabolites are not able to build up to a noticeable level. For instance, cranberry juice includes sufficient benzoic acid for producing a decidedly acidic urine specimen. Changes of urine pH outside of specific restrictions can result in a false negative result. Role of drug testing laboratories is important in combating forged drugs. There is an essential need for developing best analytical methods of combating counterfeit drugs particularly for people, who are targeted by counterfeits. The efforts to develop a great analytical method are taken by many drug testing laboratories.

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