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  • October 28th, 2010

    Drinking Lots Of Water Before Drug Test

    How does drinking lots of water before drug test help?

    The best method of reducing the concentration of drug in your body is to dilute it and this can be done by drinking a lot of fluids. How does drinking lots of water before drug test help? Water has always been an excellent source for hydrating the body. Flushing out toxins out of the body is possible with this wonder drink called water. Available in abundance in your home, it is the best solution of getting rid of the drug from your body. Toxins from the body are flushed out of the body through the process of detoxification everyday. Urination and sweating are the two methods through which toxins get flushed from the body.

    To speed up the detoxifying process you can keep drinking a lot of water, juices of citric fruits, citric fruits, coconut water, fruits containing high water content like melons, etc. These food items have been considered as excellent sources for flushing out toxins. Drinking beverages of different kinds like coffee and tea which are also know as diuretics are excellent in throwing out the toxins from the body. Different people take different drugs, depending on their choices. Marijuana, heroin, cocaine, hashish, weeds and seeds of different types, are the drugs which are commonly taken these days many a times for no reason at all. Marijuana drug test level of toxins can be tested with the help of home drug testing kits which are easily available in chemist shops these days.

    A drug test can be faked by adding fluid to urine sample which is presented for drug testing. Level of creatinine and specific gravity of urine sample can be reduced by diluting the urine sample. Creatinine is basically a waste product created by the muscles, when it uses creatine. Drug testing laboratories conduct various tests to detect the presence of drugs and the dilution of the urine sample. Anybody in the route of diluting a sample should make sure to use warm water. Temperature of the urine is recorded at the time of the test and adding warm water can hence benefit. Authorities are intelligent enough and make sure that there is no hot or cold water taps at the place where the urine samples are taken. Make a well informed move to clear the test and don’t be foolish.

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