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  • December 24th, 2010

    Samhsa Drug Screening

    Read for set standards of samhsa drug screening.

    Now days drug testing is carried out at every place, be it is school hostel, workplace or at home. It is necessary for assurance of safe and drug free atmosphere. Not in all cases, it is possible to have laboratory testing. Though they are highly accurate, they are quite expensive. Laboratory drug testing is used for as confirmatory mode of screening. To beat this problem, multi panel drug testing kits are invented. Conducting the drug test with multi panel screening kits is quite simple, cheap and convenient mode of testing. With it, you can check presence of drug metabolites from a single specimen only. They are able to check presence of all class 5 drugs in multiple combinations. There is no need of any additional instrument to carry or conduct MPU testing. All multi panel drug testing kits are stick to the samhsa drug screening threshold value.

    Multi panel drug testing kits are able to check to presence of drugs like Amphetamine, Cocaine, Marijuana, Opiates, Barbiturate, Phencyclidine, Methamphetamine, Ecstasy Benzodiazepine and Methadone etc. Multi panel urine drug testing kit is one of the most cheap home drug test method. You can adopt this method for monitoring drug metabolic percentage level before going for actual screening. You can check out the working of detox product. Remember that, no detox product is able to clean the system completely. They just lower down the percentage of drug metabolites below the cut of value. You are avail for the result within 4-5 minutes. Further, interpretation of result is not at all difficult.

    However, laws related to drug testing keeps on changing across the different nations. Still to maintain relativity in between the drug test, their cut off levels one society formed. It is known as Substance abuse and Mental Health Administration. All the drug testing laboratories need to follow the set standards by the SAMHSA. If any person fails to match up with the SAMHSA regularities, he faces the discrimination for same. As per the recent regulations, Opiates gets added in the class -5 group drugs named as SAMHSA-5. Now Opiates are also screened for drug testing everywhere.


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