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  • October 7th, 2010

    Drug Test Cleanse Reviews

    Urine Drug Test Cleaners Review

    Drug Testing involves checking the presence or absence of drug residues inside the body of a person. Occasional, accidental or prolonged use of drugs / narcotics / proscribed chemicals leaves their residues in the human body. These get accumulated in body fluids like blood, urine, saliva and sweat. The same residues also accumulate at the base of the hair – wherever hairs are present on the body.

    Drug testing therefore involves collecting samples of blood, urine, saliva, sweat and hair from the person in question. The type of drug test is named after the sample. Thus a drug test analyzing drug use from a sample of blood is called blood drug test. A combination of blood and urine drug test is widely regarded as the closest any combination of drug tests can come to being accurate. However even this combination can be faulty. This brings us to another important aspect of drug tests – their infamous inaccuracy.

    With the increasing use of drugs, the US legislators were forced to enact the Drug Free Workplace Act in 1988. This expressly mandated public employees to subject themselves to drug tests. The same was voluntarily adapted by many private employers. The inaccuracy of drug tests in combination with the presence of many proscribed chemicals in over the counter drugs makes the possibility of even innocents being branded as drug users a very real one. With this in mind here are a few tips for beating the urine drug test – one of the most common drug tests.

    Urine drug tests are typically employed to discover only the type of drug consumed. There are two types of urine tests – the standard one and the advanced one. Urine test is designed to look for THC metabolites that can be diluted by adequate consumption of water and other fluids. The dilution can bring down the level at or below the acceptable levels. For this drinking a lot of water from one week before the test will help. Since creatinine levels in urine need to be above 20 mg/dL, red meat can be consumed to achieve the same. Finally, drinking water continuously 3 – 4 hours before the urine test will cause a lot of diluted urination, which can take you past the test.

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