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  • December 24th, 2010

    Drug Test Cocaine Pot

    Get to know some simple ways to beat drug test cocaine pot.

    Drug testing against cocaine as well as for other drug is kind of routinely task for employers. The test may be conducted in pre employment phase or sometimes even at random. If you fail to beat the test, that simply means you loose another job opportunity. As per the set guidelines by United State’s federal agency, it is mandatory for commercial driver to pass a drug screening. Screening should necessary include the all class 5 types of illegal substance.

    1. Cocaine
    2. Amphetamines
    3. Opiates (heroin, morphine, codeine)
    4. Phencyclidine (PCP)
    5. Cannabinoids (marijuana and hashish)

    There are several forms in testing used to check presence drug test cocaine pot. All of them consider benzoylecgonine percentage for cocaine. Following are some common drug testing forms.

    A. Hair sample test
    B. Blood test
    C. Saliva test
    D. Urine test

    Hair testing for cocaine involves taking few specimen of hair. They should posses’ minimum 0.5 diameters and 1.5 inch in length. It is quite expensive method of cocaine testing and required complete laboratory setup for the same. However, you can check cocaine traces for 3 months long time period. Hair drug testing have highest probability in getting positive result compare with other drug testing forms. It is taken as most reliable indicator for drug detection.

    Second blood test is carried to check whether person is under influence of illegal substance abuse for given period of time. It is most persistent way of testing and need to conduct in special laboratories. It is also little costly but revels more accurate result.

    Third one is saliva drug test. It is gaining higher popularities with their ability to detect illicit drug abuse. They are not much costly and non-invasive if compare with the other drug testing forms. Few other advantages of this testing form are simple to administer and most effective way of random testing. You are able to detect drug presence in saliva for 1 day after abuse. To beat ephidrine drug test, you can ask for saliva or urine testing method. They both have much smaller detection window period. Coccaine is in detectable stage till 72 hours after consume. If you have long smoking history then your system may shows its presence after couple of week as well. To pass drug test effectively make sure cocaine metabolic level inside the organs should be less than 150 ng/ml.

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