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  • October 7th, 2010

    Drug Test Laws In Oregon

    Drug test laws in Oregon are made by the government to ensure that the workplace remains healthy. The entire drug testing process is carried out in the same way as it is for the other US states. However, there is a small difference in this case. The state of Oregon does not have a general law to deal with drug testing for the private employers in the state. Nevertheless, an employee has to pass a drug test, which is written. If an employee fails in the written drug test, he/she is denied the unemployment benefits. The various drug-testing issues refer to the Oregon and the federal civil rights laws.

    In Oregon, the federal law and the federal courts cannot compel a candidate to undergo a drug test. A candidate also cannot be removed from a job if he/she does not pass a drug test. Inspite of the laws, there are some companies that prefer to carry out drug and alcohol tests on their employees. Most of these tests are written though. The government also offers special incentives to companies, which have a written drug-testing policy.

    Keeping in mind the federal laws, there are some posts and work positions for which drug testing are mandatory in all the states of USA, including Oregon. A holder of commercial driver’s license or an operator of construction equipment on or near a public highway must pass a drug test. Passing the drug test is a major criterion for the above-mentioned jobs. Apart from these, people from other fields also need to qualify in the drug test. Law enforcement officers using firearms at their workplace, medical practitioners as well as people who work with toxic chemicals and explosives have to pass the drug test.

    The Oregon Department of Transportation lays great stress on drug testing. Drug testing records are strictly maintained of the drivers of the motor carriers. Extensive drug testing programs are conducted for the drivers, where they are explained the basics of leading a safe life away from drugs and alcohol. Drug testing in Oregon is carried out only in licensed laboratories, which are in strict compliance to Oregon State’s Clinical and Environment Laboratories statutes. Re-testing is mandatory if a candidate fails to pass the drug test. In majority of the cases, the expenses of drug testing are bore by the employer.

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