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  • October 7th, 2010

    Drug Testing Hair

    Online Drug Testing Hair Follicle Information
    A drug testing procedure can be quite embarrassing for you, especially if you have been asked to do it for the first time. Those who have never done such a test before might feel a bit hesitant in doing a drug testing procedure. If the sample to be taken is urine, then it may be necessary to fake piss to pass drug test to avoid being tested positive in the test. One of the best ideas is to fake urine sample which can be done by reducing the concentration level of urine. Fluid is added to the urine to dilute it and reduce its deepened dark yellow color.

    It is best to use warm water instead:

    Ensure not to dilute it to such an extent that it creates a doubt. Remember that staff at the drug testing laboratories is aware of the fact that people dilute urine samples. Using warm water will help in maintaining temperature of urine sample. This can be considered one of the best ways to fake piss to pass drug test. Testing hair sample is one of the other aspects of a drug testing method. Online drug testing hair follicle information is easily available on the internet these days. Toxins of the drug you have been taking get collected at the root of the hair.

    Just as there are cells in the blood, in the same way there are blood vessels in the head which will have content of toxic substances. Toxins remain for quite some time hence hair is considered one of the best bet for a drug testing procedure. Some individuals do not have any hair left on the head, and in such individuals hair from the other parts of the body like the chest and underarms is taken.

    If you want to come out clear the best thing you could do is wash the air with special shampoo available in the market which will help in reducing toxic content. The products available online are very useful and completely reliable. They are among the best hair treatments; so good that they actually wash away remnants of drugs from hair follicles. It pays to conduct a little research and narrow your search down to the best online stores. Your health is pivotal and so is the drug test to you career. So take the right step now!

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