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  • October 7th, 2010

    Drug Testing In Schools

    Importance of drug testing in schools

    In schools, drug testing programs are used to measure that superintendents and teachers put into place to dishearten drug use by students. Even if, small town school districts have usually gentle to adopt these measures, drug use by teenage has not spared uptown as well as rural schools. There are several pros and cons in the program of school drug test.

    Few say that the main goal of school drug test to prevent kids from the bad habit of using drugs and not to catch them using drugs.

    Once teenagers start using drugs, it is difficult for them to break leave that addiction. If by testing athletes, we are able to attain them to say no to drugs, it will be easy for other kinds for saying no. Now let us have a look at what are the reasons of student drug testing.

    Testing gives students an opportunity to say no to drugs if approached to use drugs

    Student drug testing is crucial as kids become addicted more speedily as compared to adults and their recovery capacity is very less.

    Students have a right to live in drug-free learning environment. School administrators require logical tools to stop drug users and dealers of drug from running school for everybody

    The aim of this program is not to penalize students. The main goal for the user of drug is to straighten her or his life out. Student drug testing is the best tool to discourage the use of drug and aid students in getting drug education. Such testing also gives parents a chance for treatment and intervention. Parents should send their kids to drug-free schools. Drug testing is useful as it helps to keep your kids safe. Schools, which have drug testing program makes an environment positive. Furthermore, drug test results are utilized for the purposes of counseling. Now let us see what causes false poitive urine drug test results. Report by Los Angels Times New Service told that a study of almost 161 prescription and medicines showed that 65 of them gave false positive results in most extensively administered urine test. An extensive testing as well as reliance on tell-tale traces of drug in urine is a fearful reaction raised due to the normal techniques to control the use of drug have not worked best.

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