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  • February 16th, 2011

    Drugs Effects On The Nervous System

    Know about drugs effects on the nervous system.

    All body functions are conducted through central nervous system. Peripheral nervous systems or you can say that sensors receives thousands of signal per second. It is input for the brain and then body takes different output action. Brain process only 1% signals and discard the 99% non important signals. After getting signals, selected parts of the central nervous system gets stimulates and send impulsive actions info to body organs. This is the summary of how brain system works. To maintain this balance, different chemicals are acted all the time inside the body. Neurotransmitters greatly contribute in activating acetylcholine, a main chemical required for learning and memory. Another influencing chemical is norepinephrine. It involves controlling emotions and stress.

    You might wonder on drugs effects on the nervous system? Drugs show their effect by creating interference in routine activity of neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters conduct different messages to the brain. When interference occurs, brain is unable to process on them. And when obstacles occur due to restored metabolites things starts to getting worse. Drugs like marijuana remain in the body for long. They are fat soluble and hence got easy access in blood cells. From blood cells they are excreted to vital organ parts. And this cycles continuous till you do not take detoxification treatment. To pass a drug test know that whether drug is classified as Agonistic or Antagonistic.

    What is detox treatment means. You might heard importance of detox treatments in weight management. Does it work for passing drug test? Yes definitely. Detox treatment work on restored metabolites and try to throw them out quickly through body. Most of the detox products are urine additives. Hence if you are looking forward for marijuana urine tests, these products are defiantly proven remedy. What are the other detox treatments? There are actually so many ways to get detox. Increasing water intake is also a part of the treatment. Water acts as cleansing agent and removes the broken link of metabolites. Water also speed up detoxification process. It is important to understand that only excess water intake will not give clean samples. It is supportive treatments. One can also have cardio exercise. It burns fat cells. Hence restored metabolites throw out in the form of sweat.

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