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  • November 17th, 2010

    Ecstasy Drug Test Facts

    Read for some ecstasy drug test facts.

    Ecstasy is new drug and receives growing popularity from teenagers. One fact behind the same is an ecstasy does not give that much high and easily come out from the body. Ecstasy does not have that strong reactions compared to other substances like marijuana, cocaine, THC etc. Drug abusers are readily build up strong tolerance for this drug. So sometimes it may require higher percentage of doping level, so that one can get matched euphoric effects with that of other drugs. People go with ecstasy as novelty and unique experience they get each time with drugs. Means after effects of ecstasy is every time different. One best way to know about nature as well as chemical formulation of ecstasy is drug test kits available in the market. Testing kit consist of chemical formulas which changes color when they come in presence of Ecstasy drug. This is one sure shot way for to know about ecstasy presence in body.

    Ecstasy remains in body for less than 48 hours. If you check out percentage of Ecstasy in body organs after 48 hours, you will not detect more than 1 % drug existence. You can carry out flush drug test to check presence of drugs inside your body. Flush drug test is one very effective way to clean your system. You can carry out different methodologies for the same. However, one most cost effective way for flush drug test is having lots of water. It is scientifically prove that drinking excess amount of water catalyze the drug metabolite process. If you are taking detox product then it is mandatory to have excess water intake with it.

    To pass drug test against ecstasy is quit simple, as no drug test kits able to detect presence of it after 48-72 hours. However, it is essential for one to take care that one is not testing positive for amphetamines in drug testing. If you check out facts sheet related to ecstasy, one thing you will surely note down is ecstasy is defiantly not a physically addictive substance. Body does not demand this substance as a craving. There is only psychological danger involved with heavy dose of ecstasy.

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