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  • October 28th, 2010

    Faa Hhs Drug Screening

    FAA HHS drug screening

    In accordance with the regulations of DOT the FAA has laid out particular needs to conduct drug test as well as alcohol test, which compiles with Federal rules. Subpart E in 40 codes of Federal rules part 40 as well as 14 CFR part 120 offers in detail the entire FAA HHS drug screening program needs. The main aim to establish such a program designed to aid in preventing accidents and damages resulting from the utilization of prohibited drugs by many employees, who perform safety sensitive function in the industry.

    FAA needs that every employer should make assure that drug test programs are conducted pursuant to 14 CFR parts 65, 91,121 and 135 fulfill with the needs of subpart E as well as the processes of transportation workplace drug test programs that are published by DOT. FAA also needs that employers are not able to make use of or contract with any drug test lab that is not certified by HHS under NLCP. The routine FAA medical observation can not test for the utilization of alcohol and it can not include a blood testing. Urine test that is performed by aviation medication examiner is a screening test for kidney as well as diabetes sickness and usually never includes a drug testing. Professional pilots are generally needed to submit drug test on regular basis. Pilots, who test positive, for illicit drugs and those reporting their utilization of a disqualifying a drug, should be assessed for establishing eligibility for FAA medical certification.

    FAA needs major kinds of drug monitoring tests that apply to all of the employees occupying secure positions. These major kinds of drug tests include pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, post accident, random, return to duty and follow up drug test. The labs, which analyze urine specimens should be located in the United States as well as certified by HHS under NLCP as per the rules of DOT. DOT also needs that urine drug test involves split specimens. Every urine specimen gathered from employee is sub divided into 2 bottles labeled primary as well as split specimen. Both of these bottles are sent to HHS specialist lab.

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