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  • January 20th, 2011

    Fda Laboratory Urine Drug Testing Kits

    Know about use of fda laboratory urine drug testing kits.

    Urine drug test is cheap and simple way to know about drug presence. You can get recent use of drugs with drug testing. Though it is most common form of drug testing, it is not accurate one. But due to its simple procedure, most often this drug testing method is adopted. Now with fda laboratory urine drug testing kits, you eliminate need of laboratory. You can find out the results of your drug test almost instantly. It is possible to detect every class 5 approved drug metabolites with the help of drug testing kits. And no need to keep doubt about their working as most of them are FDA approved. It makes pass a drug test quite difficult.

    There are types in drug testing kits. Most frequently used is strip form. Collect sample specimen in dry and clean container. Dip testing strip in it up to 2-3 minutes. Make sure you are placing testing strip at appropriate marking. Put the cap back into strip and keep it as it is for 5 -10 minutes. Read markings and interpret your result with the help if it. Another method is Cup method. Donor need to give urine specimen sample. Make sure to close the lid tightly. Take temperature measurements of cup after 5 minutes. Verify temperature. It should be in between range of 94-100 degree Fahrenheit. This process is conducted to measure freshness of the sample. Fill specimens till security seal. If your testing kit have attached adulteration strip, then first go for adulteration checking. Read it’s result after 5 minutes. Plus point of C style drug testing is you are getting result same result even after an hour.

    One might think that, how much time these drug testing process takes? Whole testing procedure is not taking more than 10 minutes. And you are avail with the result within next 5 minutes. That is why it is termed as accurate, rapid and desired from of testing. One minor problem with these testing kits is all of them are use and throw. You can not reuse them. Is it true that chanced of getting false positive result decreases with drug testing kits? Actually such is a not case. These tests are widely classified in between positive and negative result. So, even faint line appears in T section of strip, your result is negative. For the same, you can try blood or saliva testing as confirmatory mode of drug testing. For methods of how to beat a blood drug test, use appropriate detox product.

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