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  • January 20th, 2011

    Home Remedies For Passing Saliva Drug Test

    Read about the home remedies for passing saliva drug test.

    Saliva drug test is easier to pass than any other form of drug testing. They clear up more speedily than any other drug test. The saliva drug test detection periods are far less than urine drug tests and the metabolites get cleaned up in three to four days after smoking or ingesting any kind of drug. Saliva drug tests are gaining more and more popularity these days because of their easiness and instantaneous nature. They are the choice of many employers when it comes to conducting a random drug screen. There are many websites that will surely provide you a lot of information about home remedies for passing saliva drug test. Here are some home-remedies that will help you get through the testing with ease.

    All you need to do at the very beginning is stop doing drugs at least 48 hours prior to the screening. You can include more fibers in your diet as they are believed to redirect the fat metabolites to colon rather than bladder. This will help pass a drug test. There’s a plant called goldenseal that is believed to absorb the drug metabolites. It is either available in the form of a pill or as a liquid. It is rumored that the liquids absorb slower than capsules. Drinking plenty of fluids is the most effective remedy to switch the test results. It will eliminate all the drug metabolites from the system. One should drink at least 8 hefty glasses of water prior to the screening.

    Vinegar is believed to lower down the detection time period of amphetamines. Along with water, you can keep sipping cranberry juice as it is highly capable of flushing off the harmful toxins. Before going for the test, you should fill up on iced tea, coffee and sodas. All these will work as diuretics. If you need to boost the creatinine levels, all you can do is eat protein rich red meat. You should have it for 3 days prior to the screening so as to normalize the creatinine levels. All these tips will surely help you pass a saliva drug test!

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